Our Aim

Tradition Now is a homeware and clothing brand devoted to reviving threatened folk arts and crafts of the island of Cyprus.

Scouting to record, document and preserve cultural narratives by sourcing artifacts of community to celebrate their origins and stories that may be otherwise forgotten.

  • Supporting local artisans from remote villages by promoting their skills to the world via digital marketing.
  • Aiming to reach an international market to educate a wider audience on the cultural changes that are affecting the loss of the island’s heritage.
  • Investing in threatened traditions by reviving crafts that had been inherited for generations.
  • Reintroducing past traditions to meet current demands with new elevated designs.

Tradition Now began with sourcing local crafts of Cyprus for the wedding decor, favours and outfits of the cofounders Christina Socratous and Apostolos Papatheocharous in 2018. Their discoveries launched a life aspiration of supporting their heritage and help prevent it from drifting away with time. The modern day doesn’t always make it viable for local inhabitants to invest in learning these crafts, which puts them at risk of being forgotten entirely. Tradition Now aspires to bring back awareness and revive appreciation by reintroducing traditional crafts to current lifestyles.

Today the company has successfully fortified the recreation of home decors, basket weaving, textiles, embroidery and earthenware – all traditionally made of locally sourced natural materials. Tradition Now provides a platform to sell these invaluable, eco-friendly products, making them more accessible to everyone, whilst most importantly, supporting local artisans that help sustain our cultural heritage.

Embracing eco-conscious living and encouraging local handmade interiors.